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Refund options, to whom refund made.

Once the value of the refund has been determined, as described in the following paragraphs, passengers have two (2) options how to receive the refund value

  1. Voluntary refund -where no portion of the paid fare has been used passengers may receive an equal amount to the fare paid ( Note : This option is not available Online ).
  2. Involuntary refund-where a portion of the paid fare has been used passengers may receive a calculated refund value, less a 10% refund service charge in the form of cash or cheque if payment made online via website shuttleairport.co.nz by credit card

In accordance with NZ Transport Agency small PSV ( Passenger Service Vehicle Rules ) the Transport Licensing Act 1989. Max. Loading is Twelve (12) passengersper vehicle including driver.

Per scheduled and booked journey you have the right to make a formal complaint for record in the register by telephone +006421 2525945 for the purpose of recording any complaint related to a refund, Except in the following circumstances where you will be charged 100% of the total service cost.

  1. No Show – You fail to show up at pick-up point recorded.
  1. You do not register with the call centre your reference booking number / Name and cancellation request by telephone 0508266563 before the pick-up time ( Applies to travelers in transit New Zealand ).Overseas customers in transit telephone +006421 2525945 or email booktransport@shuttleairport.co.nz notification at least Four (4) hours prior to Departure time.
  1. You do not telephone 0508266563 when exiting arrivals from the International or Domestic terminal at Auckland Airport and Register booking
  2. Your flight is cancelled and you do not notify Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. By telephone +006421 2525945.

Right to refuse refund.

Applied to Terms and Conditions, all bookings made and services offered through the website owned by Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd, and to bookings made by telephone or email.

Advance payment of fare paid Online via website shuttleaiport.co.nz is considered “Paid For” and subject to any policies of Fare, even if the confirmation has not been printed.

Extent of Liability is applied to Terms and Conditions and for refund the total liability of Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. and its contractors or agents for any cost, expense, loss or liability suffered or incurred by you or other person, whether as a result of willful default, negligence or otherwise, is limited to the amount paid by you for the product or service in respect of which such liability arises and this limitation shall apply to liability howsoever arising whether in contract or in tort or Otherwise.

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