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Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Limited Website TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Personal and Non-commercial use Limitation

This Website is for your personal and noncommercial use. As a condition of using this website, you agree not to use this Website or its contents or information for any commercial or non-personal purpose ( direct or indirect ). While you may make limited copies of your booking confirmation through this website you agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, sell or resell any information, products or services obtained from this Web site.

Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. – Airport Shuttle Services are sold subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 and Terms and Conditions set out herein and any special conditions specific to the recorded fare type.

You the client are responsible for ensuring all information provided at the time of booking is correct and valid. Reservations are not confirmed until accepted by us.

You acknowledge that Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd.- Airport Shuttle Engages contractors and agents to perform services on its behalf and that the services you book using this website may be provided by those contractors. These Terms and conditions will continue to apply when an approved contractor under License is registered with the NZ Transport Agency.

Refusal of carriage and special assistance

Small passenger service rules govern the right of refusal , including baggage policy and the safety of other passengers. Smoking and the consumption of food or beverages is not permitted on the Journey.The driver will make a decision based on regulations and the service does not allow for Driver assistance for disabled passengers who cannot enter the vehicle unassisted. You may ask to see the exemption certificate from the driver detailing special conditions relating to the License held. If requested by driver for identification at pick-up point you must provide a booking reference to validate transfer. A prebooked Return transfer registered with the Operator is prepaid via the website or cash point of sale on the first journey ( incorporating a Total payment fixed price for RETURN ).

Schedules in Operation

We undertake to use our best efforts to carry you and your baggage. However to do so we may need to substitute and / or the services of another carrier. We may also be obliged to change the time of passenger loading for the reason of safety. The recording of the physical address on itinerary is confidential to the Carrier and will not be reproduced except for administration purposes and for identification of you. A fully detailed itinerary confirmation is available 48 hours prior to pick-up by emailing from your registered email address. And within 48 hours contact Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. On +0064-21-252945 for confirmation and then a copy will be held with Driver for your collection when you quote your booking reference number.

Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. – Airport Shuttle Services and Associated Special Conditions

On Demand Transfers ( Includes Pick-up from Airport, Transfer to Airport, Return journey )

Covering Auckland Region- North Shore Districts and Auckland Districts. This is not a dedicated sightseeing or touring service so You may not request the mentioned.

The booking for individual or Group is Travel from the pick-up address to the Drop-off Address.

Multiple pick-up addresses can only be added to the group booking with Operator assistance

Telephone 0508266563 (A 10% surcharge applies to each add -on address) The uplift of passengers is between the originating and destination points. And exclusively – The vehicle is Hired as a whole or special contract work and applies to all bookings. If passenger loading allows; Vacant seats may have passenger (s) going to the same destination as the booked service. Filled seats are bookings from the carrier that have been allocated for the prebooked journey.

Telephone Services

From the list of following contact numbers if the Operator Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. - Airport Shuttle. Does not answer For a service request a 24 hour message service will answer to take your 1. Name 2. Contact telephone. You are required to leave your designated telephone number if you have one. If you have no contact number you are required to leave your detail of location point and if possible your Booking reference number. Failure to do this Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. - Airport Shuttle, will not be liable for any costs, damages or losses that you may incur as a result of no message. Service requests include calls for lateness and arrival notification.

List numbers: Overseas +0064-21-2525945, Auckland Wide 09-4445673, Free call New Zealand wide 0508266563. Lateness applies to schedules and Refund policy as well.

Luggage services

A trailer is provided for the transport of checked baggage, packaging been sufficient for cartage your Responsibility. Hand baggage of personal or fragile nature that has to be secured , you are required to notify driver. Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. – Airport Shuttle insurance policy is held with STATE and all policies are amended with the transport service Operator license. We do not carry dangerous Goods


Are subject to taxes and charges stated herein, applicable fares are those in effect on the date of booking. Change to itinerary may result in change to fare If fixed fare Rate has changed by program.

The Fare is for carriage of exclusive transfers stated and you are responsible for applicable taxes or charges imposed by government, other authority or by the Airport that are in effect on the date of travel. Fares and charges are payable in the currency quoted and provider will determine Exchange Rate.

Liability following Refund policy

The liability of Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. –Airport Shuttle for damages resulting by reason of the personal injury or death of a passenger may be excluded in accordance with the Accident Insurance Act 1998 and the Accident Insurance- Transitional Provisions Act 2000.Loss or damage to checked baggage is limited to $1000 and excess fee may apply. In any case of liability on the part of Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd.. Or any of their contractors arising from breach of contract, Abacus Transport Airport Shuttle Ltd. shall not be liable for damages or consequential loss to the customer or any other party arising from such breach.

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